How can the 2.0 & Partners e.ALERT work for you?

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The 2.0 & Partners e.ALERT is a new service which puts the travel retail tender process in the palm of your hand, giving you all the information you need about every opportunity which suits you – no agenda, no exceptions.

To unpick what this means for your business and the travel retail industry, we sat down with 2.0 & Partners CEO Fabio Bernardini and Senior Executive VP Marco Passoni to discuss how the e.ALERT can change the game in travel retail’s new reality.

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2.0 & Partners CEO Fabio Bernardini and Senior Executive VP Marco Passoni

What is the e.ALERT from 2.0 & Partners?

PASSONI: The e.ALERT is a very exciting development which we have been working on for a while at 2.0 & Partners. We looked at the tender process and realised that many brands may be missing out on the best opportunities for their business. Travel retail is a big market, and not all tenders and RFPs (Requests for Proposals) get widely promoted. This service means that we find the opportunities that brands are looking for and deliver direct to them. This is particularly important for those brands which prefer a wholesale model and might otherwise have to reply on an operator to bring them on board. For each of these opportunities there can be many brands in the running, so the e.ALERT makes sure all the possible players are in the know and can act in a quick and informed manner.

BERNARDINI: We have developed a platform which allows brands to choose the sort of opportunities they are looking for. We then scour the market, leveraging our close relationship with airports around the world and when the right opportunities come up, we send them straight across, with all the details they need. This puts e.ALERT users ahead of the competition and allows them to make an early and informed decision.


As you say, travel retail is a big sector and what brands need is shifting, how do you provide the information that brands need?

BERNARDINI: The brands define the information they want to receive. Our platform gives them the chance to set out the spaces, markets and tenders that would interest them. We then analyse every tender that comes up to see if it fits their specifications. If it does, we send it across, with all the information they need to make an informed decision.

PASSONI: The important thing is that we are only telling brands about the opportunities that interest them and that suits their business. And they decide which opportunities they want to see. They are in complete control, and we are doing the leg work for them. This is completely independent and free of an agenda. 


Why is the fact this is an independent service so important?

PASSONI: Business relationships are at the centre of travel retail, so some tenders do not get as widely proclaimed outside of the existing channels and partnerships. In other cases, some smaller brands may not have the scope to constantly seek out every opportunity. We take that pressure off – in both cases. We make sure that any tender that might suit your business reaches you, it puts you in a position to be first to know, first to bid, first to win.

BERNARDINI: As mentioned, this is also a game-changer for those brands that are looking for wholesale opportunities that are usually found through a retailer or other partner. In some of these cases there may be several brands in the running for one opportunity, they need to know what is out there and act fast. We are making sure that they are aware of every opportunity which arises so they can get involved.


How does the expertise of 2.0 & Partners come into play in the e.ALERT?

BERNARDINI: We are a boutique agency who are dedicated to the travel retail and luxury sectors. This is our day-to-day and our lifeblood. We are passionate about this industry and we are experts in it. All of that passion and expertise is poured into bringing this business and this e.ALERT to life. Our team has decades of experience in this sector and that means we really recognise not just what a good opportunity is, but how brands can make the most of it.

PASSONI: We work closely with airports around the world every day. We speak to them every day and we know about opportunities both big and small. Some opportunities do not get widely promoted – our expertise and network mean that every opportunity will feature in the e.ALERT. More than anything, we want to see travel retail be as exciting and varied as it can and that means making sure new and vibrant brands can find opportunities and ensuring the right brands are in the right spaces.


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How does the e.ALERT help brands beyond highlighting new opportunities?

PASSONI: This is not just an automated alert service, it is analytical and personalised. Our international team goes over every tender and all the figures and documents associated with it to establish which e.ALERT customers it is the right fit for. And we share that analysis with our clients. We are not just there to alert them to the opportunity, we can help guide them through it too. Also, we are highlighting every sort of opportunity, from mono-brand stores to wholesale. There is no part of the process that this does not provide access to.

BERNARDINI: It is important to note that we do not just deliver an announcement of a tender. We deliver paperwork and insights. We make sure that all our clients have all the information for all the opportunities that suit them.


In conclusion, can you briefly sum up the e.ALERT and the opportunity it presents for brands in the market?

PASSONI: This is a tailored service which puts every opportunity that suits your needs right into the palm of your hand, with no agenda and with every piece of information and support that you need to make the most of it. There can be many brands out there for each opportunity which arises, so the e.ALERT puts you ahead of the competition.

BERNARDINI: Simple: Be first to know, first to bid and first to win.

To learn more about the e.ALERT click here.