About us.

Our partners and associates have more than 100 years of experience in the travel retail market with deep expertise in sub-channels such as Airports, Train Stations, Airlines and Cruise Ports, and an enviable track-record of working with leading luxury and premium brands.

Who we are.

Our leadership team:

How we work.

Everything we do is underpinned by 5 simple principles:

20partners 1 About Us

Experience First.

We walk in the shoes of the customer, as well as the client. We focus ourselves and our clients on creating the right experience. When we do this, and do it well, the results follow

20partners 2 About Us

Airside every day.

We don’t advise our clients to do what looks good only on paper. We help them make bold but pragmatic decisions based on our real-world experience of the travel retail market, that will translate into real-world results.

20partners 3 About Us

Lead the way.

We act intelligently, but also with boldness. We’re not content with accepting things as they are, or doing things as they’ve always been done. We continually look for ways to breathe new life into the travel retail environment itself.

20partners 4 About Us

Right for the long-haul.

We work strategically and tenaciously to create long term value for airports and brands alike. We ‘walk the talk’ of sustainable business.

20partners 5 About Us

Do what we love.

We only work on travel retail because it’s what we love to do. That means we care about each and every client, brand, and customer experience that happens in each terminal, each day.

Some of our clients.