There's never been a more interesting or challenging time for our industry; and there's never been a greater need for strong leadership and new ideas.

Here's what we think.

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Our sector of the market has been hit hard and will continue to feel the effects of this current crisis, with estimations suggesting it could cost the fashion and luxury market $600 billion in sales. But that is the same reality facing everyone. The numbers differ according to the size of your business, but the key thing is that everyone pulls together now and as we one day look to rebuild our market......
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Every successful store is now filled with stands and displays which offer shoppers the chance to interact with the products. For travellers this an opportunity to discover something new or indulge in a moment of entertainment while they wait for their flight. For brands and retailers it creates the chance to make an extra sale or increase the size of the basket. With digital putting the pressure on pricing and ease of purchase, experience is becoming the golden ticket for physical stores.....