2.0 & Partners helps deliver next level service for shoppers at Milan Bergamo Airport

Travel retail specialists 2.0 & Partners are helping to boost customer and shopper satisfaction at Milan Bergamo Airport with their dedicated Strategic Mystery Shopping service.

2.0 & Partners has been chosen to work in partnership with Bergamo Airport, using their expertise to carry out a regular evaluation which will help Bergamo Airport take its service to the next level and ensure it is delivering the perfect experience for shoppers and travellers in the airport.

The 2.0 & Partners Strategic Mystery Shopping service is the only in-store and on-site analysis service which is specifically designed the meet the unique needs of shoppers in the travel retail market. Rather that applying domestic market approaches, the 2.0 & Partners team walks in the shoes of travelling shoppers. The analysts are chosen to reflect the passenger mix; behaving and they behave and thinking as they think, to deliver actionable and in-depth insights for retailers and landlords.

The final reports, giving insights on everything from cultural requirements of high-spending demographics to dwell time and pinpoint areas for improvement, are delivered through a bespoke portal. This gives users full access to all the feedback, with in-depth explanations and clear, unbiased feedback to help directly drive performance.

2.0 & Partners Head of Strategic Mystery Shopping Italy Erika Giannini said: “We are very pleased to be working with Bergamo Airport to ensure that every one of their customers has the perfect experience as they travel and shop.

“Experience is everything in the new normal for our market, and delivering an enjoyable, seamless and tailored journey is what sets our market apart. We have seen time and again that improved service translates directly to higher spend, so this is a vital part of every airport’s business.

“At 2.0 & Partners, we have decades of experience in this industry and a proven track record in helping airports to take their services to the next level and we are delighted to be working alongside Bergamo Airport to do the same.”

For more details on the 2.0 & Partners Strategic Mystery Shopping service, click here.