2.0 & Partners seeks to enhance travelling shopper experiences with dedicated Customer eXperience Management suite

Travel retail specialists 2.0 & Partners are putting training first with their dedicated Customer eXperience Management (CXM) suite, which is crafted to help travel retail staff deliver the very best experience for the travelling shopper.

As a team dedicated exclusively to travel retail, and with an ‘airside every day mentality’, 2.0 & Partners are deeply aware of the challenges facing in-store teams in the travel retail sector today. From high staff turnover to growing distractions and increasingly specific shopper demands, the modern travel retail team need to be fully prepared and supported to create the atmosphere this unique market requires.

Getting this right unlocks new potential for travel retailers and landlords. Figures from ACI World show that a 1% increase un customer satisfaction leads to a 1.5% increase in revenue.

The CXM suite is created specifically to help capitalise on this opportunity. It comprises two key parts: the Strategic Mystery Shopping and Retail Academy 2.0 services. Each service was crafted specifically for the travel retail market and is tailored to meet the unique needs of the sector. 2.0 & Partners’ Strategic Mystery Shopping service analyses the shopping ceremony to deliver in-depth data and insights into the passenger experience in the chosen airport. These insights are sourced from specialist analysts, chosen to match the shopper demographics of the relevant airport’s travellers and who walk in their shoes through the whole airport journey, delivering insights and feedback on pinchpoints, problems and opportunities to improve the experience. This data is then used to craft a bespoke training programme through Retail Academy 2.0, which is tailored to the needs of the airport and supports staff in unlocking their next level of service for consumers.

The 2.0 & Partners CXM service has already helped to improve service at numerous airports, with recent contracts agreed with SEA Milan Airports and Napoli International Airport to enhance their respective offers. The service is currently also expanding its international reach, with the recent addition of Diana Li to the 2.0 & Partners team as a Senior Partner, Customer eXperience Management, with a dedicated focus on increasing the rollout of the CXM service across Europe and the Middle East and then globally.

Erika Giannini, Head of Customer eXperience Management – Italy, 2.0 & Partners explains: “Delivering a premium and tailored experience is vital in setting travel retail apart and making the most of the incredible opportunity we have in this unique market. But it is not an easy process, and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all solution.

“The CXM programme is created specifically for travel retail, with every aspect of the business tailored to what sets the market apart – both its advantages and its challenges. By gathering dedicated insights and they using them to put together a bespoke training programme, delivered by our expert team, the CXM service sets airport teams up for success, both today and in the future.”

Every part of the CXM service is delivered in an omnichannel and accessible way, with Strategic Mystery Shopping insights available through 2.0 & Partners’ dedicated portal, and the Retail Academy 2.0 training delivered through both in-person training and with tailored support from the company’s purpose-built app.

Fabio Bernardini, CEO, 2.0 & Partners adds: “Travel retail is what we do. For the last 10 years, our team has been working with stakeholders across this exciting marketplace to build the best possible travel retail experience for our consumers. The CXM is the latest evolution of this process. It brings together our dedicated Strategic Mystery Shopping and Retail Academy 2.0 programmes to create a holistic service to help our partners and their teams to be at their very best.

“This programme is built for the future and we have more exciting additions to the offer coming very soon.”

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About 2.0 & Partners
2.0 & Partners is a London-based boutique agency specialising in travel retail. Our partners and associates have more than 100 years of experience in the travel retail market with deep expertise in sub-channels such as Airports, Train Stations, Airlines and Cruise Ports, and an enviable track-record of working with leading luxury and premium brands.
Everything we do is underpinned by five simple principles: Experience first; Airside every day; Lead the way; Right for the long haul & Do what we love. We walk in the shoes of our customers, and our clients’ customers, and we help our partners to make bold and pragmatic decisions based on real-world experience. We work strategically and tenaciously to create long-term value for airports and brands alike by not settling for ‘normal’ but seeking to breathe new life into this vibrant market, with dedicated services tailored to meet the specific needs of stakeholders.