Acetaia Malpighi wins new travel retail listings with Gebr Heinemann

By Fabio Bernardini

Historic balsamic vinegar brand Acetaia Malpighi has secured new travel retail listings with world-renowned retailer Gebr Heinemann.

The family-owned brand, which can trace its history back almost 200 years, is now listed in Heinemann stores at Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport, bringing a true taste of Italian excellence, and real “natural vinegar”, to shoppers travelling through Bologna.

This announcement represents an incredible success for the company, which launched in travel retail last summer in collaboration with travel retail experts 2.0 & Partners.

The story of Acetaia Malpighi dates back to 1850, when Pietro Malpighi passed on the recipe for “real vinegar” to his son, Augusto. Today, Massimo Malpighi is the fifth generation of the family to lead the company, and the brand is already established around the world, with its award-winning produce appearing in delicatessens, luxury hotels, shops and restaurants across the globe.

The move into travel retail represents the next expansion for the brand and an opportunity to bring this historic produce, and its heritage, to new customers. Securing a listing at Bologna Airport underlines the brand’s potential in the market and marks the first step in an exciting plan for growth and expansion in the sector.

Taking a step into the new travel retail market is not a move the Acetaia Malpighi team has made lightly and the brand is fully committed to creating the innovation, uniqueness and excitement that the sector demands. To this end, Acetaia Malpighi has designed dedicated packaging for the travelling shopper and is poised to announce new product launches for the sector in the coming weeks.

Massimo Malpighi, President of the Acetaia Malpighi, says: “Since 1850 our mission has been to bring the excellence of the Modenese Tradition all over the world, through the most iconic product of this beautiful land: The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

“To secure our first listing with Gebr Heinemann in Bologna is a landmark moment for us and a milestone in our young travel retail journey. Our aim is to help our customers become ambassadors of our unique reality and we look forward to introducing our special product to more shoppers in Bologna and around the world.”

Next up, on this journey is a listing at Turin and Bari airports as the brand looks to enhance its presence in the Italian travel retail market, before building its presence on the global stage.

2.0 & Partners CEO Fabio Bernardini adds: “To secure such a high-profile listing is a wonderful success for us and the Acetaia Malpighi team and is just the start of this brand realising its potential in the travel retail market.

“The demand from shoppers from brands with true heritage and artisanal craftsmanship is at an all-time high and the travel retail market is crying out for new and exciting names to bring a fresh and vibrant look to shops and shelves. We are delighted with this result for Acetaia Malpighi and I am sure there will be many more to come.”

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