Bologna Airport and 2.0 & Partners expand partnership to deliver a premium experience for travelling shoppers

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Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport and 2.0 & Partners have extended their partnership to help deliver the support and insights staff need to deliver an exquisite retail experience to travelling shoppers at the Italian Airport.

The two companies have enjoyed a long-standing collaboration, with 2.0 & Partners providing its bespoke Strategic Mystery Shopping service to the airport since 2019. Now, following a new agreement, 2.0 & Partners will deliver their complete suite of Customer eXperience Management services, including the dedicated Retail Academy 2.0 training programme.

20partners Retail-Academy-20Partners Bologna Airport and 2.0 & Partners expand partnership to deliver a premium experience for travelling shoppers Journal  press release

The 2.0 & Partners Customer eXperience Management service comprises two parts, each designed specifically for the travel retail market and tailored to its unique ecosystem. The first part is the Strategic Mystery Shopping. This sees mystery shopping teams, chosen to reflect the airport’s passenger mix, walk in the shoes of travellers and deliver in-depth and actionable insights on how to unlock the very best customer experience at the airport.

The second part is the Retail Academy 2.0. This training service was created to empower airport staff and assist them in taking their customer service to the next level. Training sessions are held both in-person and online, supported by a dedicated app, focused on the areas of improvement identified in the Strategic Mystery Shopping reports.

Erika Giannini, Head of Customer Experience Italy at 2.0 & Partners, explains: “Airport shop staff are our frontline and the most valuable asset in delivering the truly world class retail experience which shoppers in this market expect. In this regard, delivering the right training, based on the right data, has never been more important and we are delighted to be working with the team at Bologna International Airport to support their service provision in this area.

“Both aspects of our Customer eXperience Management service, the Strategic Mystery Shopping and Retail Academy 2,0, are tailored for the travel retail market’s unique and vibrant ecosystem. Identifying specific issues is the best way to increase your service, but training must be tailored, focused and engaging for staff members, so that both they and your shoppers can reap the benefits.”