Fashion accessories brand NAU! plans travel retail expansion with 2.0 & Partners

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Pioneering fashion accessories brand NAU! is set to expand its presence in the travel retail sector, bringing its carefully crafted Italian style to more travelling shoppers around the world.

Nau! is a brand of craftsmen. Born from the ancient Italian traditions of eyewear manufacture and grown to be pioneers in the market, the brand now has more than 170 shops on the domestic and worldwide market, crafts products which are designed to be perfect for every person.

Style and sustainability are at the heart of the NAU! brand. Every piece of the NAU! collection is crafted to bring comfort, colour and joy, as straightforward Italian design combines with the latest hi-tech equipment to deliver a finished article which both looks and feels great.

In-keeping with the travelling shopper’s enthusiasm for fresh and exciting products, NAU! creates new collections every two weeks, which ensures even frequent travellers will find something to surprise and delight them. Each collection is also carefully positioned to create an accessible luxury accessible offer for consumers, which will drive brand’s appeal for impulse and self-treat purchases.

The NAU! team also believe that economic, social and environmental sustainability must also be imbued in all of our everyday actions. Nau! believes in leading by example, and each product are carbon. On top of this,10% of the company’s profits every year are invested in projects which bring social and environmental value to those they support, and the new NAU! OCEAN PLASTIC collection is manufactured using 30% PET, made from plastic bottles pulled from the sea, directly tackling one of the biggest environmental issues on the planet.

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NAU! has a rich heritage in the travel retail sector, already thrilling shoppers in airports in Milan, Bergamo and Turin and in the Firenze rail station, with mono-brand outlets. Now, the company has set its sights on expanding in the fashion accessories market around the globe.

NAU! Chairman Fabrizio Brogi said: “Entering the travel retail market is an exciting further step for us in our global expansion. We truly believe that our carefully crafted Italian eyewear designs, created with sustainability and excellence at their heart, will engage and enchant the travelling shopper, and provide something new and exciting as this market continues to grow and recover.”

To mark its launch in the travel retail sector, NAU! has teamed up with specialist agency and travel retail experts 2.0 & Partners, as a client of the company’s successful Brand Building programme.

Fabio Bernardini, CEO, 2.0 & Partners, adds: “We are delighted to bring NAU! to the travel retail shopper as a new and exciting offer for the market. Both craftsmanship and sustainability are vital issues for modern travelling shoppers and NAU! delivers classic Italian styling, drawn from the country’s rich history in this field, coupled with a true dedication to protecting the world around us.

“We believe this is a brand with great potential for growth in the market and to enhance the eyewear offer of any retail partners in the industry. We are excited to see it grow and flourish.”

For more information on working with NAU! and 2.0 & Partners click here.