Sabatini Gin poised to bring a taste of Tuscan uniqueness to travel retail in partnership with 2.0 & Partners

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A true Italian story of beauty and excellence, Sabatini Gin is set to make its debut in the travel retail and duty-free market, bringing a taste of Tuscany and Tuscan uniqueness to travelling shoppers.

The family-owned brand is working with travel retail experts 2.0 & Partners to help drive its expansion on the global stage and provide newness and craftsmanship for both retailers and consumers.

Sabatini Gin is the world’s first gin which combines classic London Dry Gin distilling techniques with the herbs and botanicals of Tuscany to create a product which delivers an extraordinary Tuscan experience for the senses and the mind.

As the home of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Tuscany has creativity and excellence imbued in its soil, and it is from that soil that the nine botanicals used to make Sabatini Gin are drawn. The plants and herbs, including juniper, wild fennel, lavender and lemon verbena, are blended by the Sabatini family at Thames Distillers in London, to create a fusion of Italian flavours and excellence, with English gin-making heritage.

The Sabatini Gin range includes Sabatini Gin, Sabatini Gin Barrel, which is aged in oak barrels, and the alcohol-free Sabatini 0.0 which taps into the growing demand for low and no-alcohol products in the market.

Every bottle is beautifully presented in the brand’s stunning, bespoke packaging, which creates a stand-out impression both on-shelf and in a drinks cabinet.

Enrico Sabatini, Co-founder of Sabatini Gin, said: “Sabatini products are currently available in Europe, US, Asia & Australia. Travel retail is the natural step to take in order to grow the brand awareness and the create availability of Sabatini Gin in high traffic venues like the airports and this is an excellent opportunity.

“The unique design of our bottle resembling the Tuscan landscape will be available from 2023.”

To assist in the brand’s launch in travel retail, Sabatini Gin is partnering with industry specialists 2.0 & Partners, who bring years of experience in launching new and exciting brands into top level locations across travel retail.

Sergei Bozhok, Business Development Account Manager of 2.0 & Partners, said: “Our mission at 2.0 & Partners is to facilitate the collaboration between market-leading stakeholders and iconic brands.

“Sabatini Gin is a true example of Italian excellence, Tuscan beauty and uniqueness, and it will be a huge asset to any retailer or operator, offer both a sense of place and a taste of true newness. I have no doubt that the Sabatini Gin range, and stunning packaging, will enrich the offer in the important gin category and will help drive incremental sales for retail partners.”

For more information on working with Sabatini Gin and 2.0 & Partners click here.