Trilogy Products plans to bring healthy, happy, natural skincare to travel retail

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The brand is planning its expansion in the market with 2.0 & Partners

Skincare brand Trilogy Products is planning its expansion in the travel retail markets in collaboration with boutique agency 2.0 & Partners. The two companies have announced a new partnership, which will see Trilogy leveraging 2.0 & Partners’ dedicated expertise within the travel retail industry to boost its presence in the sector, with a particular focus on the UK, EU, US and Middle Eastern markets.

Founded in New Zealand in 2002, Trilogy has become a popular name in global skincare, with its most iconic product, Rosehip Seed Oil, already a firm favourite with afficionados around the world from the UK, Denmark and Ireland, to Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

The original Rosehip Seed Oil set the tone for Trilogy’s skincare philosophy: everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. Today, the brand’s range includes cleansers, moisturisers, exfoliators, masks and serums. Founded with a firm belief that nature gets things right, Trilogy’s products are a powerful blend of potent, natural ingredients, whose benefits are proven by science.

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Now the company is looking to bring its natural and proven skincare offer to shoppers on an even wider stage, with a dedicated focus on the travel retail sector. Beauty and skincare have been core categories in the travel retail and duty-free sector for many years and recently, the demand for natural skincare has increased rapidly. Furthermore, the modern travelling shopper’s desire for products which are sustainable and as good for the planet as they are for their skin, is perfectly aligned with Trilogy’s commitment to a conscious and transparent philosophy.

“We at Trilogy Products are believers that products which provide a healthy and happy skin for our customers can also be a force for good,” says Peter Foyston, CEO of Trilogy Natural Products Limited. “As part of our mission to deliver clean, natural beauty with a conscience, we are always striving to de better and be more responsible with the decisions we make for our customers and the world.

“We know that the travel retail sector is a unique and exciting opportunity to bring our natural skincare products to an even greater audience on a global stage, and we are delighted to be working with 2.0 & Partners on our upcoming travel retail expansion.”

2.0 & Partners Business Development Account Manager Sergei Bozhok adds: “Trilogy Products is the perfect brand for the discerning and conscious skincare shopper and will be an incredible addition to the skincare and beauty offer of airports around the world. As travelling consumers are becoming even more informed and engaged, the time is right to deliver real newness and excitement in this sector and I have no doubt that Trilogy Products will do just that.”

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