Plastic Hunters Assemble: The first 2.0 & Partners Beach Clean

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Often in this blog, I have spoken of the need for more than empty words and promises in the battle for sustainability. Our industry, and our world, are beyond positive sentiments. We need real actions – both in-house and on a larger scale.

This is why I am proud of the support we at 2.0 & Partners give to both Ecologi and The Ocean Cleanup in their work to help save our world on a large scale. But we wanted to do more, and that is why this weekend, our first ever team of Plastic Hunters landed at Jubilee Beach, Southend-on-Sea, to carry out the inaugural 2.0 & Partners Summer Beach Clean.

In total, we collected 10 bags of rubbish from the beach, including straws, plastic packaging, broken glass, beer cans and other junk which would otherwise have been polluting our oceans and threatening one of our most valuable ecosystems.

What struck me most during our clean, was the attitudes of those around us on the beach. Many of the younger beach-goers asked us if they could help and join us. Some even took up tools to help collect a few pieces. This, to me, underlines the fact that young people truly do understand the need for work, and they do not see it as a chore, but something to be involved with. This is a view which we must continue to nurture. On the other hand, there were many who called us over to take their rubbish from them, a reminder that we still need to encourage some among us to take a step to help. This is a battle for all of our futures.

20partners Plastinc-hunters-assemble-2 Plastic Hunters Assemble: The first 2.0 & Partners Beach Clean Journal  Sustainability Plastic Hunters

But, in the end, as we sat surrounded by bags of rubbish, which were disposed of with the refuse team in the town, there was a sense of satisfaction in having played even a small part in helping a much bigger cause.

One event such as this will not change the world. No one step ever can. It takes many, repeat efforts, and increasing actions, to bring about a real difference. This is why our small army of Plastic Hunters will be back on the beaches in the near future – maybe you would like to join us? I would be happy to hear from you.